Cosmic Sky

200 Hour Registered
Teacher Training


We are happy to announce that we are called to offer an amazing transformational 200 hour Registered Yoga alliance Teacher training.


Join Emily Sobel ERYT 500/200, Denise Tranchina ERYT, and Lisa Horan-Sockol EYT


You will learn all about The Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Subtle Body, The Koshas, The Gunas, Chakras, How the Body systems works with a Yoga practice, Anatomy as it pertains to teaching Yoga, Mythology, Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga, Prenatal, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Shatkarmas (yoga purification techniques), Modifications, and of course How to teach Asanas safely.

A total of 12 alternating weekends


9/10 9/11- 9am- 6pm                               

9/25- 9-25 9am-6pm           

Full moon 9/25 6pm-8pm workshop


10/8 -10/9  9am- 6pm            

10/9  6pm-8pm workshop                          

10/22-23  9am-6pm


11/5-6  9am- 6pm            

11/8 6-8pm workshop

11/19-20  9am- 6pm

12/3-4 9am- 6pm

12/7 6-8pm workshop

12/17-18 9am- 6pm

1/8-9 9am- 6pm

1/6-8pm workshop

1/15 -16  9am-6pm

2/5-6 9am- 6pm

2/19-20 9am- 6pm

Each weekend feels like a staycation!

Learn about the alignment of poses, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, how to intelligently sequence classes, and how to be authentically yourself while incorporating yoga philosophy intelligently.
Our teaching team comes from diverse backgrounds and offers many years of combined experience in the practice and teaching of yoga. 

We will focus on the techniques of yoga and on how yoga can transform our bodies, minds, and souls. There is an emphasis on: pranayama, meditation, and how yoga cares for the body ultimately leading to personal evolution.

You will get a complete introduction to the yoga world. We will explore Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Mantra,and Mudras as well as other styles of yoga like, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal, and Yoga Nidra.

You will be able to utilize the tools to cultivate a daily home yoga and meditation practice.

Each weekend will incorporate teaching labs with time and opportunities to practice teaching yoga. Overtime and with practice you will learn how to slowly build your yoga teaching skills.

We make learning how to teach yoga easy.


You will learn about sequencing, creating themes and bringing wisdom into your class, hands on adjustments, observation, demonstration, and using sanskrit language. You will also learn how Hold space, how to open and close a class, how to get creative and make your classes extra-special, and how to modify your classes for advanced students or beginners, while taking care of those with injuries.

This training also gives you the guidance and support you need to be your authentic self and find your voice.

Emily, Denise, and Lisa are overjoyed to create an environment where you feel accepted and encouraged to be yourself so you can take the brave steps necessary to grow and teach your yoga from the heart. You will be able to connect to the yoga student community finding support and companionship.

Expect to be mentored throughout the training.


This training is also flexible. We want to give everyone the opportunity to become a yoga teacher. We are making this training accessible online as well. 


We recommend you have some level of experience with yoga.

Unlimited Yoga is included for Trainees: We encouraged you to practice at Sun Moon Yoga during your training. This will help to emerge yourself within the training.

When you sign up for the 200 hour training, you get unlimited, regularly scheduled classes from the first day of training throughout the training.


200-Hour Tuition: $3000. Early Bird Special is $2800 savings of $200.


We can also arrange payment plans if need be. 


Early Bird Savings pay $2800 or start your payment plan save $200. Tuition is $3000 


First Deposit: $500 Non refundable deposit 


Refund Policy:

  • Teacher training fees, class fees, & tuition are not refundable.

  • If Sun Moon Yoga cancels the training or you are not accepted in the program, your initial deposit and any paid tuition will be refunded in full.