Classes We Offer

Everyone leads a busy life nowadays. So, why not let us take care of your fitness and spiritual needs. We offer group yoga classes and specialized programs throughout the day and evening to accommodate your busy schedule. Your mental and physical wellness is our top priority.

Yoga at Home

Sun + Moon Flow

Our signature Hatha Flow blends the vigorous flowing sequences of the Vinyasa style, with individual attention to poses, alignment and mindfulness, to create an energizing combination that builds both strength and inner heat in the body as well as calmness and stillness in the mind. In combining both energies,In turn, with dedication and consistent practice, the student may eventually bring “balance” to his or her everyday life. Once balance is obtained, happiness and inner peace can flourish.The mind shall become calm. Classes end in either a silent or guided meditation to create a feeling of complete renewal
solve problems and recall information better.

Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on yoga ma


Ask about setting up a series

This is for all moms-to-be or anyone who wants a nice open flow.There will be subtle variations on traditional yoga postures that absolutely benefit the needs of pregnant women. Improve body awareness to lessen common aches and pains, increase circulation, improve digestion, balance emotions, learn breath awareness and relaxation techniques,and connect to the grown life within. All are welcome.

Yoga Class

Sun Flow

This vinyasa is a powerful, energetic form of flow where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. This class will build inner heat burning away toxins both mentally and physically.

Yoga by the Ocean

Gentle Moon

Therapeutic Yoga Stretch
Seek relief from emotional and/or physical pain with gentle stretching, breath work and the usage of props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, chairs and straps).
​Feel revived with weekly healing meditations and self-compassion practices.
Gain greater flexibility, strength, balance and overall well-being

Meditation Class

New Moon

Beginner/Ease into Yoga & Meditation
New to yoga? Or have you not kept up with your practice for any length of time?
Have you been thinking about re-learning alignment and safety in asana (yoga postures), and/or would you like to gain greater flexibility?.If you answered yes, to just one of these questions, then this is class is for you.
Work with a certified yoga teacher who will give you a wonderful foundation to mindfully advance each week.


Yoga for Stress Management

Anxiety and stress are on the rise.

What may begin as a small bout of “annoying” feelings and “blockages” to our well-being, may soon become more deliberating emotions that hinder our daily lives. The good news is that anxiety and stress can be managed by practicing yoga regularly.This highly-regarded class has been very successful for many students
when practiced with dedication and consistent attendance.Through the guidance of an experienced teacher with a psychology background and who is educated in Yoga for Trauma, Restorative Yoga,Yoga Nidra and Mindful Yoga for Anxiety,
it is likely that students who partake in this class
will learn to manage these emotional obstacles to lead a more healthy and happy life.

Each week, students will study and practice yoga philosophy
that was written thousands of years ago to release “suffering’ in peoples’ lives, yoga movement and flow to release tension in the body and mind,
chakra balancing (subtle body energy), tapping techniques,various breathing strategies to activate the relaxation response and Yoga Nidra
(a guided meditation proven to reduce depression, anxiety and stress)