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Emily Sobel

She is a natural intuitive healer and empath. Emily is highly sensitive and has a strong background yoga and healing. She is musical and an artist. It was only natural that she gravitated towards sound healing modalities. She connects to the higher realms with the use of singing bowls and restorative yoga. She takes great pleasure in lifting the vibrations of all that attend her classes and workshops. Book a private singing bowls session with her. 

She is also a Kundalini Reiki master and Reiki I and II Usui certified. She is restorative yoga trained 1 & 2. 

She is now hosting the Full and New Moon Ceremonies

*An explanation of the moon phase
*A restorative yoga practice based on the Moon. Doing restorative yoga helps open up the energy channels and relive stress. 
*Crystal singing bowl meditation is used to balance your Chakras and align your energetic centers. 
*Plus yoga Nidra Journey based on the Moon 

*Cocoa, Reiki, and more will be added