What is Healing?

noun: healing

  1. the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

    "the gift of healing"


adjective: healing

  1. tending to heal; therapeutic.

    "a healing experience"

We are so happy to offer you multiple modalities in the process of restoring your health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged or unvitalized system. We are offering you the opportunity to heal.  The result of healing can be to cure the cause of a health challenge; be it mental, emotional or physical. One can experience growth without being fully cured, or 'healed' without a cure. Not every issue, every situation, every challenge can be fully "cured". What a wonderful world that would be- spiritual, mental, physical, medical cures! Even though that isn't always 100% possible, we can work through issues together for the betterment of your mind, body and soul... to help you heal. 

Meet our Healers


Ann Gilmartin


Danielle  Ernst

 Your opportunity to heal is being offered in a comfortable, peaceful and serene private room. 

Appointments are held during off hours of the studio, so that you and your healer have 100% peace and quiet. We are excited to offer you the following service

Progressive muscle relaxation and sound meditation., Crystal bowl healing, Raindrop Technique Massage Therapy and Energy Healing through the practice of Reiki.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions about the studio, the healing room or any of our services. 

If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.

William Blake


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