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Kid Yoga

Will bring Joy to all


Encourages Self-Acceptance,Physical Benefits,Living in the Present, Stress Tool,Improves Focus and Concentration,Fosters Non-Competitive Environment,Improves Mind-Body Coordination,Sparks Creativity,Boosts Confidence, and Encourages Social Interaction

Kids Yoga (5-8)

In this all-inclusive children’s class, students can obtain (with a consistent practice), beneficial
rewards to their lives outside of the yoga class.
​Each week, the students will participate in a sequence of basic yoga poses, breathing techniques, and learn relaxation skills.
​Friendships, teamwork, and cooperation skills are reinforced through fun and therapeutic activities.
​Modifications and acceptance of every individual is respected. The goal is to empower every child in his or her own unique way, while learning to love themselves for who they really are!
Tween yoga

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