I wanted to share a story about Reiki energy, healing, and pancreatic cancer.

I write this with permission, from my client Mike, who has been battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer for nearly a year.

I met Mike a few months back., and at the time of our meeting, he had already been going through ongoing chemo treatments, for about 8 or 9 months with good results. At one point, the cancer had spread to his liver. He faced the battle of stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and now it has spread to his liver. We know where this story could have gone, but this one didn’t thankfully.

Constant chemo and an upbeat personality; the cancer has a fighter on its hands. His doctors told him that what they are witnessing in him is very rare.

After 9 months of chemo, the size of the tumor reduced 90%, and the cancer that spread to his liver is in remission.

This is where I came added healing modality. Reiki Healing Energy.

Meeting Mike, and walking into his energy was overwhelming. I had to catch my breath. I was gasping to finish my sentences. It caught me off guard. I expected to meet a more sickly man, instead I met this go go go guy…

...this guy’s not going anywhere.

But he definitely needed Reiki.

The first time I connected to him, I heard “He’s beating this.”

I chose not to tell him because I didn’t want to offer false hope. I hear messages as my hands hover above your bodies, and it is extremely difficult to decide what to share, and what I need to keep to myself at the time. I know that what I keep to myself, is meant for me to hear, so that I know where to go to work harder for you. Our session goes on and I can tell that Mike can’t sit still (go go go). I could feel that this hour session was a bit long for him. I ask how he’s going, and we chat about the challenge of him being still, and I ask him to surrender this time to me, and embrace the break in his day, his week. I see him once a week., and with what he is going through, and his busy days, he deserves this hour of calm and release.

Mike’s knees talk to me, I hear about foods he needs to eat, or not eat. I hear that he needs to drink water during his chemo sessions. Most recently I heard that his ph needs to be balanced in his body. I share these details with him and he does his the work. I am so grateful that he is trusting me, he is trusting the messages, grateful for his willingness to work with me, accept Reiki, and grateful for this drive that he has to heal. Openness to receiving Reiki and your mindset matters, as much as your medicine does..

During the second time connecting to Mike, I was at his pancreas working, and I had a vision of gold being poured completely over his tumor. I then felt a bump lift into my palm. I believe I know where the tumor is. Mike said he never truly knew where it was because he didn’t want to, but he felt the energy where I was working,, and said, “Well I guess I might know now.”

For weeks during each session, I saw gold being poured over this tumor and heard the word, “healing”. My heart would beat with trepidatious joy for him. Let him be healing. He is healing.

As I mentioned, Mike is go go go. He looks like a healthy strong man, and he has the will to be here. He’s fighting this battle, beyond gracefully, in part due to his positive attitude. One day I hear, while I’m at his knees again, that his ‘busy-ness’ is keeping him here. I hear Mike can’t slow down, that if he slows down, the cancer will attack and spread.. Some folks think he should slow down because he has cancer, but I’m hearing how he needs to continue living as he is living. Even with stage 4 pancreatic, he’s actually still working full time. The doctors don’t know what to make of him.

We continued to meet each week and I work from crown to root for a balance of energy in him, and on his pancreas and liver more than anywhere else. I see radiant, vibrant, healing, liquid gold, pouring over the cancer in every session. He feels the release of energy, he is always jumping up after we're done, as I'm reminding him to get up slowly, and drink lots of water. He's ready to go back to his day.

We’ll fast forward a bit...we missed three sessions as I was struggling with a new schedule and couldn’t get to him. I was cooking dinner one night and Mike calls me. I see his name on my phone, my heart sinks,. Please don't be calling with bad news.

He says, ‘Kim, I had to call you. They’re taking me off chemo. And they’re putting gold in my pancreas.’

Tears filled my eyes, happy happy tears...Wait....what did you say? What are they doing?

What did he just tell me?

‘They are putting gold in my pancreas to mark where the cancer was, so that when I go back in 3 months for a ct scan...they’ll have a marker.’ He tells me the doctors have never seen anything like this in stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has the smallest spot on his pancreas right now, and the doctors aren’t sure if it is the tumor, so reduced in size from healing, or is it scar tissue..? His liver and pancreas look like there has never been cancer.

Here he is beating this thing!

So we planned our next session and I went back to work on him because healing is ongoing and now needed more than ever to keep the cancer gone. He missed the conversations between me and his knees (this has become a joke between us), and sure enough when I connected to them, I hear, “Welcome back”.

Because of that small spot that can still be seen in his pancreas, Mike starts radiation soon. They’ll be doing 3 rounds of it. Please keep him in your thoughts. We will continue to work on healing regardless. I’m in it for the long haul because I believe in Reiki helping him healing.

His positive attitude, his get up and go go go drive, and his will to beat this holds so much power in helping him fight this thing. Western medicine- the chemotherapy treatments. Eastern Medicine- Reiki healing.

The combination of healing modalities is helping this man stay alive. He’s basically in remission from stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

He will go through this next phase with radiation and then he will be off western medicine! His continued acceptance of receiving Reiki and his mind set, his diet… is what the focus will be on.

Cancer be gone. And please, let it stay away.

But the maintenance, and the healing will continue.

How blessed I feel to be entrusted with his energy, with your energies.

To experience this healing with him. With all of you.

I love my time spent with him, with all of my clients.

I love our conversations and energy exchanges and helping you relax, release and heal.

I love what I do.

Reiki Healing is for everyone, big problems, little problems. No problems, too.. It helps to balance you.. It will feel the release...just ask Mike,. He was never quite the skeptic, but I don't think he truly expected to enjoy this as much as he does.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Be safe, be well.

With much love,


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