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Psychic Fair/ Craft Fair

We are overjoyed to bring to you our first psychic fair in Tinton Falls 1201 Sycamore Ave.

We have hand picked extremely gifted and talented healers and

psychics to bestow their many gifts.

Book a session with a psychic or healer or stop by to shop and check out the event.

You can book in person too. Booking in advance will secure your time.



Adrienne Gammal

Come Experience The High Vibrations & Healing Crystal Energy Adrienne’s Collection is Amazing! Super Clear & High Quality! Tumbled/Pocket Stones for medicine bags and healing grids Gorgeous Clusters and Towers for your Home or Altar High Vibrational Crystals For Meditation & Grounding Healing Bracelets, Chakra Pendants and MOLDAVITE Jewelry Adrienne will help guide you with all your Crystal needs & questions. Contact info : 732-618-5962

Alice Fawn

Reiki and Healings 

Jeremy McCloskey

Astrologer practicing for 10 years.

He is naturally gifted in describing peoples' life circumstances, passions, relationships, etc. He loves to test his knowledge on all kinds of people to not only enlighten others, but to expand my his knowledge on the varying impact of the planets upon the Earth.

Catherine of light

a Light Language Practitioner , have a degree in
Psychology, a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified as
a Reiki Master, a certified Aromatherapist, an SRT
practitioner, a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, and a certified Eden
Energy Medicine 101 & 102 Teacher. I am passionate about educating people on
integrative healing practices for overall well being.
Being a channel for Light Language has been a true gift from Source. This work
I remember in my heart. It came forth by an opening of memory deep within
me, an activation from hearing Light Language myself 6 years ago. All the
modalities I have learned and used over the past 26 years has been training in
different ways to work with energy, to understand the language of energy, to be
the open vessel I am for this energy, light, frequency to speak through me to
It is my joy and privilege to bring this awakening energy to earth and you.

She will be offering Bioenergetic field analysis for $10 and Info on Light Language Activations at my table. 

Heather Johnson

A Psychic Medium. I have also completed Reiki Levels 1 & 2. I intuitively read Oracle cards & if someone comes thru during a reading I am always open to that. I myself am on a journey to discover who & what I truly am. Many times you have questions that deep down you know the answer to & by talking with someone on the same path you can discover them. I claim to be no expert, no doctor, nor do I have any type of degree but I am highly intuitive & very empathic. I would love to discuss your cards & your journey. I also carry a large line of crystals for healing, enlightenment, or just the joy of having something pretty.



Ed Micciulli

Master Reiki Healer- Holy Fire Reiki, usui reiki, Angel Reiki

He incorporates sound healing and high vibrational reiki in his healings
Reiki: 15 Minutes - $30
Reiki: 30 minutes - $40
Reiki: 60 minutes - $60

Reiki: a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki also helps relieve anxiety, stress, depression, physical pain from injury,illness & surgeries. Reiki helps overcome emotional trauma, PTSD, and many more psychological and emotional issues. It also promotes a restful sleep and elevated mood.

CONTACT INFO: Call/Text Ed @ (917)-932-3000 to schedule your session.


Jamie Albert


Tracy Ann

Reiki Master/Intuitive Empath/Energy Healer International Speaker/ Spiritual Coach. Tracie Ann/Readings By Tracie will be providing reiki sessions/chakra balancing, intuitive sessions and spiritual guidance.

Lauren Ann Doffont 

magickal business as an astrologer tarot reader intuitive medium and eclectic witchcraft. I offer readings and hand crafted spell bags bottles and witchy wares.


Jenn McMahon
Intuitive Angel cards readings:
3 cards and interpretation $10

Jenn is a spiritual Intuitive Hypnocounselor. Hypnosis as a healing modality is best in a calm and quiet environment. I will be available to answer any questions you may have in regards to the practice of hypnosis and how it can help you in various areas of your life.

Hypnosis can be used for practically everything! It can help you overcome fears, find your true life path, and take you deep into your soul and view a life once lived. Hypnosis works with accessing your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where most of our beliefs and behaviors come from, and it is where life lasting change can occur.

*Not being offered during psychic fair*

CONTACT INFO: Jenn McMahon @ (732)-875-1112 to schedule your session.



Sam Jackson 


Sam Jackson is a wise intuitive tarot reader who gives inciteful and readings. She also teaches the art of reading tarot. Book a private reading.

general 3 card reading $5( past, present, future)

general 10 card reading $ ( Celtic card spread)

Book a private reading

Melissa Maynard-Nagrocki

Angel Card reader 


Lena Gilman

Ruins reader 

Jackie Bilancia

mini breathwork sessions of 30 minutes



Michelle Sciria


soulspeak: conversations with our soul

Local artist who resides in the beautiful hills of Highlands overlooking the sea. She is a potter, sculptor, and painter. Her newest body of watercolor intuitive paintings are based upon messages,  thoughts, dreams, feelings, and spiritual transformation. The paintings are strongly inspired by nature, the trees, water, animals, and the force of life which is in each of us. Each painting is a prayer, a tribute to our Divine Creator: the Great Spirit, celebrating the blessings we have and the lessons our soul gathers on our journey.

Limited edition archival silver leaf prints will be available for purchase


Michelle Sciria: Sculptor, Potter and  Intuitive Painter


Watercolor Giclee print with adorned with silver leaf

Brianna Garcia

Danielle Burke

Laura Matlaga

essential oils 

Donna Roberts